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Customer Comments

"We have been a long-time customer of Bob's Towing Service, which provides exceptional services specifically tailored to our needs. BTS's heavy-duty trucks handle our needs effortlessly. Their professionalism is commendable. I highly recommend BTS. They are willing to go out of their way to provide the best service possible."

"Prompt and dependable is the best way to describe our relationship with BTS. Courteous and reasonable pricing also explain why BTS
has grown into the full-line hauling service that now includes Landoll trainers...continued success."

"The Lift Truck business is service intensive and we require a towing service that's fast, prompt, and professional. I highly recommend BTS to anyone. Their capabilities in transporting numerous lift trucks at one time is critical to our operation. Good Work!"

"We purchase large quantities of cars annually. BTS handles them without incident. In the past 20 years, our relationship with BTS has been enjoyable on both sides of the coin, and we have helped each other grow."

"From the beginning, BTS has acted as our towing service, and has excelled right along with our growth. We utilize their tiltbeds and
Landoll trailers. Not only would I recommend them, but I already have."

"We have used Bob's Towing Service for a number of years. Right from the start, each and every call has been handled professionally and timely, which is why we continue to rely on BTS every day. Their diverse size of trucks helps us get all of our deliveries to our customers promptly."

"Whenever I call Bob's Towing Service in need of help, they have always come through. We constantly try to keep our customers happy. Without the exceptional service that we have received from them, on-time deliveries might not have been possible. Great work and thanks!"

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